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As a wanderer, I always seek new discoveries and share my findings, may it be home accessories, art pieces or interiors. The ones that combine clean lines with a strong character are my favourite. And on the way, I never miss the opportunity to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee.



Inspired by my stay abroad, I created Make space journal to showcases conscious design and contemporary crafts. This online platform highlights emerging Swiss design and international interior trends.

Living in Scandinavia for a few years, I have kept from my Swedish stay the minimalist aesthetics. Since I’m back in my home country, I have been supporting inspiring projects and creative minds. That’s why I’ve been collaborating on different design events and with associations and labels in Switzerland, while keeping an eye on global interior trends, especially the ones coming from the North.



Contemporary Swiss and Scandinavian design have my heart, thus minimalist lines and rich structures rule my visual world. As I often hit the road, I also present my travel inspiration and city tips, as well as the latest news from the design shows. By seeing them, you may end up, like me, wanting to update your home far too often.


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