Swiss Design En Vogue

April 27, 2018

As an ode to Swiss design culture, the WOGG headquarters in Baden already reflects the philosophy of this family business. Founded by Willi Glaeser and Otto Gläser, whose initials forms the company name, WOGG successfully combines high quality craftsmanship with a functional approach and minimalist aesthetics, since 1983.

Created in collaboration with renowned Swiss designers such as Jörg Boner and Alfredo Häberli, the timeless pieces of furniture are mostly produced in-house in Switzerland, with a great attention to details.

All in curves, the RICA sideboard designed together with Atelier Oï softens the atmosphere, while keeping the space uncluttered. For a sleek and elegant interior, the CARO collection by Christophe Marchand celebrates a radical simplicity with clean and angular lines.

Even though the new ROYA stackable chair range has slightly brightened up the WOGG’s neutral colour palette, soft tones and understated, yet affirmed design are usually chosen to better enhance the colourful life and individual style of the furniture owner. Thus, the pieces of furniture can be long-term companions. Matching the spirit of our moving society, they can adapt to new homes, and of course be styled with seasonal accessories.

While the brand always stays true to its timeless aesthetics, a few references to trends have been added over the years. For example, the black and white pattern of the AMOR unites is a nod to the 80s’ Memphis design movement.

To ensure the longevity of the furniture collection, only high quality materials are selected and innovative solutions constantly researched in WOGG’s workshop. Already in the 1990, a first aluminium profile bending machine was developed for the LIVIA collection and it has kept evolving.

Further innovation, the upholstery fabric and padding material of the ROYA armchair are not sewn as usual, but welded in a unique high frequency pressure process, so that can be easily replaced.

Building on the brand’s heritage, WOGG 1 shelving system created in 1984 by Gerd Lange have been redesigned in 2014 by Loris&Livia. The Swiss duo has given it a contemporary twist, while maintaining the original system of the shelving structure. Keeping it very adaptable, it doesn’t require any screws or tools to build it. As colourful add-on feature, they also created a refined bookend. This functional element can be positioned anywhere on the shelf and moved freely between the lines.

Flexible, functional, resolutely timeless, WOGG’s range perfectly matches contemporary interiors and lifestyle.

Text and photography: ©Geraldine Morand /

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