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November 02, 2017

When moving back from Stockholm, a hint of Nordic spirit followed me into my new home in Lausanne. White furniture, light wood, no curtain, everything is made to let the natural light in. And as the nights get longer and darker, I brighten up the room with a whole lot of candles. Habits die hard, so let’s light the fire!

Placed side by side, art prints and furniture from Scandinavian and Swiss designers perfectly complement each other. In each corner, magazines and books collected all over the world pile up. An endless source of inspiration, always on hand!

Even though I have set up myself a workspace, I spread all my stuff on the dining table and stick my finds on the wall. Sometimes they stay for a day, sometimes for weeks, until all these interviews, pictures, drawings and quotes come together as my next projects. While I write, edit and plan, I’m lucky to enjoy a very green view during the summer and when the leaves have fallen, the large windows allow a glimpse at the lake.

As a weekly treat, fresh flowers and herbs from the Saturday morning’s market add some colourful hues to the flat where black and white rule.

Welcome home!







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