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October 26, 2017

I’m delighted to present you my new blog focusing on Swiss design and creative culture.

Now named make space, my journal showcases creative projects, from designer pieces and inspiring interiors to art and design related events. It brings to light the contemporary creative culture made in Switzerland and explores international design trends. On this online platform, I present the work of Swiss designers, artists and creative minds, but not only. As global traveler, I also like to share inspiration found abroad and design projects from all over the world.

I’d like to take you today on a tour and invite you to discover 4 inspiring workplaces.


Signing the logo of my journal make space, Lausanne-based artist and graphic designer Sara Thom has welcomed me in her atelier where she creates her colourful art prints. Inspired by colours and shapes, she has experimented different techniques as well as colour in all its forms, cultivating a very personal and unique style. Armed with paintbrushes or even nail polishes, she often starts by creating colour splashes, that she cuts in thousands of tiny pieces and assembles harmoniously.



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A year ago, graphic designer Raphaël Rehm and bookbinder Hélène Montero have launched the studio plein papier. In this creative laboratory, they design and produce their handmade stationery collection. An ode to paper and fine craftsmanship! They have recently unveiled their new 2018 agenda, featuring 32 love poem titles written by the artist Flynn Maria Bergmann.



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Located in Biel, the Dadadesir’s workshop is a one-of-kind place. The creative Dada duo, Myriam and Jérôme, has chosen a bright industrial space to create their delicate and artful scarfs. If the space is well structured in different areas such as a large working desk, a cosy lounge, a photo shooting corner and a shared space, you can’t help noticing the loads of inspiring magazines stored under the desk and the colourful paper prototypes on the wall. Dada spirit is floating in the air!



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Something is always cooking at LE LAB. This former industrial atelier has been turned by designer Raphaël Lutz into a creative loft where he established his new design consultancy studio, but not only. The bright and multifunctional workspace is completed by a kitchen and a lounge area for a casual and friendly atmosphere. It hosts team meetings, conferences and entrepreneur gatherings as well as exhibitions and events. The studio offers creative services that intend to bridge the gap between the economic and design industries.



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